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Are you in the Charlotte, NC area? Stop in at Implexus studio for art classes!


Fiber / Textile




Screen printing

Individual classes and small group classes of 4-6 people. Classes are 3-10 day sessions, about 2 hours long, starting at $15 per class. Must pay for entire session no later than 1 week in advance. Private classes are ongoing and can be paid by the class.

Classes start June 1 and will be held at 8539 Monroe Rd, between N. Sardis and Village Lake. Click each class to register, or you can pre-register if you are interested but not sure.

:bulletblue: Fiber / Textile…

Dye work, batik, printing, tapestry.

:bulletblue: Origami…

The art of paper folding. Making origami functional.

:bulletblue: Printmaking…

You will learn different methods of printmaking, including relief printing, intaglio, and stencil.

:bulletblue: Screen printing…

You will learn 3 different methods of silkscreen printing and their applications.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ…, or email me….
The Nomadic Portfolio is a project coordinated by Collettestreasures(on and implexus.

We are looking for 8 people who would like to be involved in a long term art project. This will be a collaboration of 10 artists, including ourselves, working together to create one art book. This book will travel from one artist to the other over a period of a year. We are looking for international as well as US artist to participate.

Each artist will do one 2 page spread in the book each time it comes around, which will be 4 times over the course of a year. You will have 7 days to complete your spread, then the book must be sent on to the next person. Each artist will be responsible for paying their own shipping costs, getting the book mailed out on time, and submitting photos of their spread as they finish each time. Implexus will be making a blog, featuring a calender and documenting the phases and travels of the book.

Our concept for this book is "Life. Emotion. Lost." You will be able to work in what ever medium you chose, and the interpretation of "Life. Emotion. Lost" is up to you.

If youre interested, please send an email to
* Buy a domain. [done]
    * Make the blog a little more 'website-like' [done]
    * Fill in my FAQ section. [done]
    * Get business cards printed.
    * Promote off of Etsy.
    * Take 2 hours out of every day to promote.
    * 50 items in my shop.
    * Sell 15 items a week. a lofty goal, but if you dont set them, youll never meet them :D
    * Find craft fairs and get registered.
    * International shipping.
    * Make shoes and add a shoe section to the shop by March 1.
    * Make clothing and add a [non-knit] clothing section to the shop.
    * To understand and use social bookmarking constructively.
    * Start a Facebook page.
    * Add bags to the bag section.
    * Design and print my own fabric.

Let's see how well I do...…